The Athletic Coup

Film Festival
Athens, Greece

Join us as we bring athletic action to the big screen, celebrate physical excellence, and explore unique sports in exciting locations around the globe.

2024 Athens


Through the lens of cinema, we bring to life the passion, dedication, and triumphs of athletes from all walks of life, inspiring audiences to dream big and strive for greatness.

2024 Athens Greece


Nominee: Home Ocean

Home Ocean still image of diver
Short Film: Home Ocean

Nominee: Rebound

Poster of Rebound documentary with protagonist running
Documentary: Rebound


Filmmakers from around the world: Share your stories that capture the essence of athleticism in its purest form. Submit your film now and be a part of the celebration of the indomitable spirit of athletes.

Festival Date:
May 2024

All Categories:
Documentary, Short, Feature, Non-Fiction, Fiction, Brand Film ...

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Founder /Festival Director:
Melanie Marten, The Coup®

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Media Partners, Brand Partners, Sponsors

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