f Director Peter Velazquez about Angel Ilarraza's boxing journey - In God We Trust

Director Peter Velazquez about Angel Ilarraza's boxing journey

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Director Peter Velazquez about Angel Ilarraza's boxing journey - In God We Trust

In God We Trust is a gripping documentary by Peter Velazquez that chronicles the extraordinary journey of Angel Ilarraza, a professional boxer whose life has been shattered by tragedy. After enduring the devastating loss of his daughter and a subsequent career-threatening injury, Angel's faith is put to the ultimate test. But fueled by his unwavering belief in God and driven by a deep determination, Angel embarks on a remarkable comeback journey. The film follows Angel's emotional and physical struggles as he prepares for a pivotal fight, showcasing his resilience, courage and unwavering spirit in the face of adversity.

Peter Velazquez is not just a director; he's a storyteller with a passion for making a difference. With a background serving in the military for 12 years, including a tour in Operation Enduring Freedom in Afghanistan, Peter brings a unique perspective and depth to his work.

His journey into the world of film began humbly, starting his career at a movie theater. It was here that he discovered his love for storytelling and the power it holds to impact audiences deeply. Peter believes in telling stories that resonate and leave a lasting impression on viewers.

As a devoted husband and father to three beautiful children, Peter's values of faith and family are at the core of his work. His love for God fuels his desire to create meaningful content, and his ultimate goal is to produce Christian films that spread the gospel to a wider audience.

Through his dedication, creativity, and unwavering faith, Peter Velazquez is not just shaping narratives on screen but also touching hearts and inspiring souls with his storytelling prowess.


Peter Velazquez with camera
Peter Velazquez

There are many amateur boxers out there who dream of a professional career. The subject of your documentary, Angel Ilarraza, stands out, not only for his incredible boxing talent, but also for his big heart. How did you find out about Angel's story and how did you get in touch with him?

Peter: I know the owner of his gym and I was looking to shoot any promotional videos for fighters with upcoming fights. The owner introduced me to Angel and gave me a heads up about his life. We got talking me and Angel and he agreed to do the documentary.

Angel Ilarraza, says the touching words right at the start of the film: "I have 3 kids. One in heaven.“ You’re a father of three yourself. How did you cope with showing a father’s love for his kid who then passes?

Peter: Definitely is not something easy to witness or now someone you are close to went through this. It gives you a lot of perspective with your own family and how one should appreciate every moment because we don't know when God decides that is our time. Even editing this project was difficult. I found myself on many occasions with tears during the editing process.

Throughout Angel's journey, we see themes of resilience, courage, and determination. Can you discuss how you worked with Angel to capture the authenticity of his experiences and emotions on screen?

Peter: Thankfully Angel was open about his story. Most of the time we were filming and I was in the background with very little direction apart from the interview. All you see in the film is Angel's true authenticity of who he is

Angel's story is sad, but the documentary is a truly uplifting human story. Looking ahead, what projects are you currently working on and how do you envision continuing to use your platform as a filmmaker to make a difference in the world?

Peter: I am in the final phase of another project of a top equestrian athlete and coach who changed the sport through a tragedy he went through. I envision myself telling more stories that help the viewer get inspired and overcome their own challenges.

The boxer documentary IN GOD WE TRUST is free to watch on YouTube.