f IAN: Meet 72-year-old Australian climber Ian Elliott

IAN: Meet 72-year-old Australian climber Ian Elliott

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72-year-old Australian climber Ian Elliott on a mountain

IAN: Meet 72-year-old Australian climber Ian Elliott

Director Statement

When you meet Ian Elliott, you’re not just meeting a climber; you’re meeting a testament to the power of the human spirit. Hailing from the Sunshine Coast of Australia, Ian isn’t your typical climbing enthusiast. At an age where most are contemplating a slower pace of life, he scales cliffs with the enthusiasm and prowess of climbers half his age. I first crossed paths with Ian six years ago, and the impression was immediate and profound. Witnessing a senior climber matching, if not surpassing, the skill levels of much younger climbers was both humbling and inspiring.

Achieving his first grade 28 (5.12d) climb right before his 70th birthday, Ian’s feats are not just milestones in his journey but are sources of inspiration for climbers globally.

Our vision is to awe and inspire, affirming that age holds no bounds. Ian’s journey, interwoven with his deep relationship with nature, is a powerful narrative that we hope will encourage viewers to push their own boundaries, embrace their passions, and understand the significance of each step they take in the great outdoors.

Join us in this cinematic celebration of a life lived without limits.

Age isn't really a barrier to climbing. It's really a matter of doing what you want to do.

- Ian Elliott

Director Biography - Matt Raimondo

Matt Raimondo is an award-winning Australian director who strives to connect audiences with the natural world and the human spirit.

Matt takes a highly emotive and naturalistic approach to his films that reflect his curious nature and passion for human-centred storytelling.

An eclectic mix of creative skills from a background in design, post-production, filmmaking and photography complement Matt’s vision as a director.

He has collaborated with brands that include Tourism & Events Queensland, Australian Marine & Conservation Society, Qantas, Olympus, and Clif Bar. He has received numerous awards for his work.

Matt’s films have screened at international film festivals, including the Wasatch Mountain Film Festival, Japan International Tourism Film Festival, Hawaii World Oceans Day Film Festival, and the Istanbul International Tourism Film Festival.