f One bus, three friends and Africa: A Surfing Odyssey Across the Continent

One bus, three friends and Africa: A Surfing Odyssey Across the Continent

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Still image African Territory surfer at the beach with locals

One bus, three friends and Africa: A Surfing Odyssey Across the Continent

Africa prides itself on stunning landscapes and diverse cultures, but have you considered its potential as a surfing paradise? The documentary "African Territory" might just change your perspective.

Argentinian brothers Joaquin and Julian Azulay, along with a friend, are surfers on a two-year odyssey along the African coast. Their unconventional home? A former military bus converted into a cozy haven. You will be immersed in the raw beauty of Africa - the documentary showcases a kaleidoscope of cultures, ethnicities, and languages, allowing viewers to experience the continent in all its authenticity.

"Since then, one question kept us awake every time we thought about Africa: how are we gonna travel through these roads, its terrains, and face the diverse climates of that endless continent?"

This is a question that lingers throughout the film - this is the question that our protagonists try to answer during their two-year journey.

Their first destination is Morocco - a place renowned for its breathtaking scenery and warm hospitality. Here, they soak up the warm welcome, all while searching for perfect waves. A great proof of people’s hospitality is the camel shephard, Abideen, who welcomes them with a steaming cup of tea (I, too, once had the pleasure of tasting the Moroccan tea, it was certainly delicious!), a cherished tradition in many African countries.

In Morocco, we love to drink tea, as you like to drink whiskey or wine. Tea is our national drink and we are very proud of our tea. Tea is the whiskey of Sahara.

- Abideen, Camel Shephard

Abideen's hospitality extends beyond tea. The trio even has a chance to taste camel milk, a delicacy they surprisingly find quite palatable.

The adventure continues in Mauritania, where the surfers navigate through bureaucratic hurdles with the help of friendly locals. And guess what? The warm welcome includes, you guessed it, tea!

The first tea is bitter as life, the second is sweet as love and the third one is smooth as death.

The next destination - Senegal - coincided with the rainy season, making it difficult for travelers to move. But even amidst the heat, they find solace in the waves. Abideen's knowledge comes in handy once again – a hot drink, he advises, promotes sweating and keeps them cool.

Surfing isn't just about catching waves in African Territory – it's a firm thread that connects them to the locals. In every country, they encounter fellow wave riders, from enthusiastic beginners to the sole female surfer in Guinea-Bissau. They readily share their passion, offering guidance to anyone eager to learn - these interactions become highlights of their journey.

As African Territory Part 1 comes to an end, don't think that their journey is over - the film concludes on a cliffhanger, leaving the audience intrigued to find out how they will end their perilous journey on part 2.

"The unpredictable is already part of our routine because this is how people live and survive in Africa."

Through the appreciation of surfing as a means of encounter, African Territory opens up a whole new world to the viewer, and with it comes a deeper admiration for the unique spirit of the continent.

Stay tuned for the announcement of The Athletic Coup screening African Territory Part 1 and 2 in Athens, Greece.