f 100 Miles, 30 Hours, One Goal: The Superior Trail Race

100 Miles, 30 Hours, One Goal: The Superior Trail Race

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Participant Gretchen Metsa

100 Miles, 30 Hours, One Goal: The Superior Trail Race

What brings people closer together than a common goal? The Superior Trail Race is a true landmark of Minnesota and the Midwest – It isn't just a race; it's a unique experience that blends a love for running with breathtaking scenery.

Superior is the biggest, greatest family gathering of Minnesota and Midwest trail and ultra run. Tons of like-minded people doing a pursuit that's inherently healthy and beautiful.
As captured in the documentary Ultra Pickle Project directed by Jeff Berg, the Superior Trail Race carves its own path. What makes it so distinctive? The sole answer is its uniqueness. Runners are excited as well as nervous before the race - they face not just the challenge of distance, but also a staggering 42,000 feet of elevation change. Here, they push themselves to run 100 miles non-stop, a feat that demands an incredible 30 hours of relentless movement.

"Everybody goes and looks towards The Superior as their number 1 goal"

- Stefanie Wenninger, Participant

Among the participants you will meet both professional and amateur runners who have never run in such difficult conditions before. However, all participants have one thing in common - this is the love for running.

"When I'm running, I feel like I'm doing what I'm supposed to do and what I can do. It sorts everything in my brain so I can show up in other places of my life in a healthy way."

– Colleen Macdonald, Participant

Due to the special conditions, the participants prepare in a special way. Runners stock up on essentials, food and water, and take precautions to avoid any danger. However, amidst the standard supplies, you'll also find a peculiar addition – pickle juice. Runners swear by this "magical mixture" for its supposed ability to boost strength and endurance.

The Superior trail race extends far beyond the individual runner. Families, the strongest supporters, play a crucial role in making the experience unforgettable.

Through Berg's documentary, we follow each participant, share their joys and sorrows, run alongside them in spirit against the picturesque Minnesota backdrop and cross the finish line with erupted cheering. The Superior trail race, which truly lives up to its name, becomes an unforgettable experience for both the runners and the spectators.