Winner Category Series: Malizians

2024 Winner
Malizians team photo on board


Malizians wins the category series and is awarded the title "Best Team Spirit At Sea" by The Athletic Coup.

In January 2023, Team Malizia and four other boats set off for the toughest competition in team sailing: The Ocean Race. The European sailing and international off-shore team under Boris Herrmann embarked on a 6-month race that was beautifully captured by Carsten Behrendt (director) and Antoine Auriol (on-board reporter).

What stands out in this documentary series is the team spirit and the aim to create a message that is bigger than winning a race.

Team Malizia hosts local schools at each stopover. The "My Ocean Challenge" program has become a global platform on the role of the oceans in our climate.

Since 2018, Team Malizia has been collecting valuable ocean data, such as ocean CO2 levels, from its trips to the most remote places on Earth for ocean science.

We meet the youngest team member on board, Rosalin Kuiper, a few months before the circumnavigation in her hometown in the Netherlands, where she visited the lake where she started sailing at the age of six or seven. That lake was her ocean. She said that if someone had told her that she would be sailing around the world twenty years later, she wouldn't have believed it.

Meet the inspiring personalities of Team Malizia. The 12-part series Malizians is free to watch on YouTube.