Athletic Film Festival Athens, Greece, 2024
Submissions [Selection]
Submissions are open for several screenings throughout 2024 and 2025.

Official Selection: Vanderlei Back in Athens

still image of Vanderlei running the 2023 Athens Marathon
Short Documentary: Vanderlei Back in Athens

Submission: MENTAL

Still image running track in Kenya
Documentary: MENTAL - The Kenyan School

Submission: IAN

Still image of 72-year-old climber Ian Elliott on mountain
Short: IAN

Submission: Malizians

Still image from trailer showing sailing boat of team Malizia
Series: Malizians

Submission: In God We Trust

Key cast Angel Ilarraza introspective at the dojo
Documentary: In God We Trust

Submission: The Ultra Pickle Project

The Ultra Pickle Project still image of woman runner shown from the back on a trail
Documentary: The Ultra Pickle Project

Submission: African Territory

African Territory still image at the beach with African kids and surfboard
Documentary: African Territory

Submission: Running on Earth’s Roof - the Everest Marathon

Running on Earth’s Roof still image of Everest marathon participant
Documentary: Running On Earth's Roof

Submission: The Daring Road

The Daring Road still image of main protagonist Nathalie Baillon on the bicycle
Short Film: The Daring Road

Submission: THE ZOO (Chidiakhana)

The Zoo still image of main protagonist Sooraj
Feature Film: THE ZOO (Chidiakhana)

Submission: Speed Expeditions

Speed Exhibitions still image peak of snowy Himalaya
Feature Film: Speed Expeditions

Submission: The Hidden Court

Hidden Court still image basketball court in the woods
Documentary: The Hidden Court

Submission: 0.5 meters

Scene of a wheelchair basketball game
Documentary: 0.5 meters

Submission: The Carnival: 125 Years of the Penn Relays

Still image of track and field runners at Öenn Relays
Documentary: The Carnival: 125 Years of the Penn Relays


Still image of the film of water games at the local lake

Submission: Svaneti - The hidden paradise

Svaneti still three skiers and a cow running in front of them in a snowy village
Short Film: Svaneti - The hidden paradise

Submission: Home Ocean

Home Ocean still image of diver
Short Film: Home Ocean

Submission: Rebound

Rebound documentary poster with protagonist running
Documentary: Rebound