f THE ZOO (Chidiakhana): A Magical Football Journey

THE ZOO (Chidiakhana): A Magical Football Journey

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The Zoo still image kids in India outside the school court

THE ZOO (Chidiakhana): A Magical Football Journey

While football might conjure up images of football-giants like England or Brazil, Manish Tiwary's enthralling feature film "The Zoo" proves that the universal love for the beautiful game knows no boundries. Deep within the slums of India, a young boy named Sooraj finds solace and escapes the harsh realities of life through the captivating sport.

Sooraj, the protagonist played by India’s popular actor Ritvik Sahore, is a young boy burdened by constant residence changes and a struggle to find his place in the world. Football serves as his solace, a magical escape where he transforms into a skilled player without any professional training.

Matches are not won by shoes, but grit.

There are several passages in the film – Sooraj’s mother's shrouded past continues to cast a long shadow over the boy’s life, adding another layer of complexity to his young life. As if that wasn't enough, a new challenge emerges: the government threatens to take boys’ beloved football field away. With their backs against the wall, Sooraj and his team, Jagarpotti – the smart ones, must face a seemingly unbeatable opponent in a high-stakes match. Victory is a must – it is an only path to saving their field and keeping their dreams alive.

What truly sets 'the Zoo' apart is Sooraj's imaginative lens, inviting viewers to see the game and his world in a truly unique light. He visualizes his opponents as animals, their strengths and weaknesses embodied by creatures like agile antelopes and hulking gorillas. This unique perspective adds a layer of depth to the narrative.

Everyone has an animal inside as a team.. maybe we need to use this element to come together as a team.

Immerse yourself in the world of 'Zoo'! the film's witty humor and catchy tunes will have you laughing, cheering, and fully invested in the story.

So, don't waste time, turn on the movie and dive with Sooraj and his team, Jagarpotti, into a world full of danger and adventure, where all roads, of course, lead to football.