Brand Awards

Athletic Film Festival Athens, Greece, 2024
Brand Awards
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Brand Awards

The Athletic Coup announces the call for submissions for brand commercials in the categories fitness, wellness, and health.

2024 Athens Greece

Secure Your Brand Spot

Submit your Commercial (Brand Ad) EUR 290
  • Your brand spot will be screened at the festival (guaranteed)
  • You will be eligible for The Athletic Coup Brand Awards
  • Award-winning commercials will be part of the global media campaign
  • Logo inclusion on all festival posters (guaranteed)
  • Inclusion in festival attendee goodie bag (optional)


Awarded brands will be announced in our Global Media Campaign.

OPTIONAL: Brands can provide giveaways and samples to journalists, filmmakers and cast members at the festival event.

To be included, send your goodie bag samples before May 14, 2024, to:

The Coup • Nikiforou Ouranou 22 • 11471 Athens • GREECE

Email the tracking number to